2020 High Mnt ‘Ali Shan’ Taiwanese Oolong


Refreshing and sweet with creamy fruit notes!


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Ali Shan ‘Mount Ali’ is a ‘must try’ Taiwanese Oolong area. This high mountain tea is hand picked and is cultivated at an altitude of 1800m. It’s fairly green and refreshing with lighter processing. A striking sweet creaminess coupled with a complex character of buttery peach, mango or exotic fruits is forefront and carries through to a lingering aftertaste. Truly delightful!

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  1. Martin

    Citrus, apricot and sweetcorn, with a long mineral finish. The mouthfeel is quite thick and juicy, making for a substantial brew. A little goes a long way. The large leaves and stalks look excellent, if you’re into examining the spent leaves!

  2. Szilard (verified owner)

    This is the typical high mountain jade oolong, creamy, fragrant, very elegant, with caracteristic taiwan terroir minerality, I use a tiny bit lower temperature and a lot of leaf, it is very clean tasting, no astringency, no bitterness, beatiful leaf system, 3 leaves on a stalk.

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