2021 ‘Shengbelly’ Spring Bu Lang Raw Puerh Tea Cake



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Mixed pick Spring 2021 material from several locations in Bu Lang. trees 30-80 years of age.

Brutal but balanced, savage yet sophisticated. Your after a classy assault to the senses? Come hither! Bulang of course is a palette killer, I imagine a hoard of tea goblins pushing the front line at my tongue with garden strimmers while making a pincer movement for the roof of my mouth with brick acid…in a good way! The assault is done with finesse, clingy astringency, a down right bouncy smooth texture, creamy green frontal flavours and umami finish. Aftertaste is fresh green. Chi is kind of drowsy, stoney. 7 cake tongs also available!

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1 Tong (7 cakes), 200g Cake, 20g, 50g


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