2012 Yiwu Mountain Tea ‘Yiwu Gushu’ Guangdong Stored Raw Puerh Tea Cake


An aged Gushu blend of 7 Yiwu mountains.

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Philip Lee of ‘Yiwu Mountain Tea’ is an Scottish expat living in Guangzhou with family ties to a tea farm in Gao Shan ‘Yiwu’. We took a visit to see him and his wife at their shop in Guangzhou on our recent 2017 tea trip. Philip is extremely knowledgeable in Yiwu area tea and has endless passion for Gu Shu. We were blown away by his offerings as i’m sure you will be too! Expect to see a lot more from Yiwu M T in the near future!

2018 tasting notes:

This cake is a blend of Yiwu area Gu shu material from different regions. The 5 years rest in Guangdong has kicked out most of the bitterness and contributed sweetness and a perfect amount of storage taste to this tea making it an interesting and unique gu shu experience. When brewing together with Philip in Guangzhou this tea offered a long returning sweetness and was very infusible, it surpassed 20 steeps with ease. Aroma off the rinse is a sweet and deep apricot/ stone fruit. The first infusion is slightly sweet. 2nd infusion shows a deep & sweet apricot front linking with just the right amount of bitterness, Cha Qi kicking in. Guangdong storage taste is subtle but is surely adding to this pleasurable symphony of flavour and feeling! sweet aftertaste starts infusion 3 and after. This Gushu is very infusable and in my opinion, this tea is in a very good place right now! bitterness levels are low and (for me) meld this tea together wonderfully at these levels.

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