2021 Spring Yangdunyan Yancha Rougui


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Yangdunyan  洋墩岩’ in the Wuyi mountain range

True Yancha at a very un-Yancha price tag. This medium roast offers a Wonderful sweet roast with complexity. Check out the green tinge on parts of the wet leaf, this shows a lighter roast during processing.  Beautiful roast aroma from the warm gaiwan and a piercing, sweet and slightly malty roast aroma off the rinse, so yummy!

Smooth enough with lubricating mouth feel, limited astringency. The taste is a multifaceted roast at first with a developing sweetness, minerality  and perfume fruitiness after taste. Beautiful!

Guru advice with Rougui like this is to brew up super hot with and put emphasis in 3 very good infusions with longer infusion times rather than stringing out. 3 great infusions + 2 waining infusions will be much more memorable than 7+ ok infusions!

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