2015 Sunsing Bailubai White Tea Cake


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Fuding white Gong Mei grade material grown between 900-1400m altitude. Rich aroma of dark fruits with a slight medicinal edge in the warm gaiwan. Aroma of the wet leaf is VERY fruity! First infusion is bright with flavours of strawberry and red currents. A soft and lubricating mouthfeel. Infusion 2 with a longer push makes everything more, more soft, more sweet, more fruity. No dark storage edges at all, just rich, fruity yummy ness. I notice a subtle relaxing chi after drinking. We’ve invested heavily in this tea and consigned a few cases to rest for us in Guangdong for further development!

As with all the White tea cakes we sell, you can over steep as much as you like. It won’t go bitter. Gong fu, western tea pot, grandpa style, even boiling it up for 3 mins is no problem. Experiment! I prefer to have buoy the first 3 steeps gong fu and then boil up after that. Boiling up the tea is less elegant but offers up a deep, honey sweet flavour!

Please note you will not be able to claim any site wide promotions or offers against the 1 Tong (7cakes) option although Guru points will still be accrued when purchasing!

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1 Tong (7 cakes), 100g, 20g, 357g Cake, 50g


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