Early 2000’s CNNP 7432 (Taiwan Storage)


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Presented as 90’s this cake is most likely early 2000’s. You never quite know what your in for with these early CNNP wrappers so, let’s dive in!

Obviously the producer was trying to imitate the Dayi (Menghai Tea Factory) 7432 recipe. The leaf used appears to be in line with their aims, most likely this cake is a Menghai blend.

Taiwan storage has created a very even ageing to this cake, there is no dank here, just sweet aged notes!

Aroma of sweet honeyed tobacco on the rinse. First infusion gives sweet/serious vibes and Really shows off the smooth and surprisingly clean nature of this tea. The deep flavour hits hard in infusion 2, ‘deep aged sweetness’ is the only way I can project what I am experiencing into words. Overall an extremely approachable, sweet forward aged raw with nice Hui gan (aftertaste) suitable for all.

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