2023 Spring Li Shan High Mnt ‘Dong Ding Style’ Oolong


Hand picked tea. Complex honey roasted & mineral notes capturing the signature ‘Dong Ding’ flavour with a fruity floral twist!

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This interesting Li Shan offering has been processed in the traditional Dong Ding fashion creating a toasty Li shan experience! The material is 100% Li Shan high mountain leafs (around 1800m altitude) and has been processed in a ‘Dong Ding style’. There is a classic DD taste to this tea but also a wonderful exotic perfume like note to it as well, a great combo! The taste is fresh with light honey roasted notes. You should be able to reach at least ten infusions with sweetness and flavour carrying on through with short infusions or push the tea out to show off more of the teas flavour! Hand picked, the tea retains some stalk which adds to the complexity. Sourced from our trusty Taiwanese vendor in Guangdong.

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