Attar Champ


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100% natural. No synthetics.

I’m honoured to share my debut attar with the world…

Champ: A bold attar blended in house. Red champa in all its floral glory is way in the forefront. Deep oudy, fruity, zesty, oriental-sweet with deep notes of cocoa, coffee and tobacco. Red Champa is an alluring and striking floral note. I wanted to present this in all of its glory and not be shy about it, with some extra oomph! The rich and creamy Java sandalwood makes the perfect foundation with sweetness and serious depth comes from the Sylhet oud + wild Pahang oud, coffee and tobacco. The Pahang oud adds super sweet and shiny mid notes to add a sparkle to the show. I modest amount of iron distilled Indonesian patchouli to help meld all together and a few drops of bitter orange to enhance the Champa.

Central Java sandalwood oil
Sylhet oud
Wild Pahang oud
Pure Red Champa
Co2 Indian coffee
Bulgarian blond tobacco extract
Iron distilled Indonesian patchouli
Bitter orange

An attar is a blend of aromatic oils meant to be used on the body like a perfume. Our attars contain no synthetics of any kind,  100% natural ingredients!

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