Kalimantan wild Agarwood


Smaller pieces of low resin wild wood at a great price!

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100% wild Price is per gram

-Kalimantan area Borneo island
-Wild aroma
-Sourced directly from Kalimantan

This batch is of low resin wild agarwood. Mostly small pieces collected from the forests of Kalimantan. Being low resin and smalls pieces means that you can pick up this wood for a great price. Make no mistake the aroma is great! The aroma will vary from piece to piece and is not 1 homogenous scent profile. Some pieces can be herbal sweet, others honey rich Agarwood and others I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful the scent is! All pieces are clean, sweet, deep and long lasting. Small pieces mean amazing aroma at a bargain price per gram and definitely worthy of appreciation. Wild agarwood is always a better aroma than cultivated.

Agarwood is an amazing scent from Asia. Resin from the Aquilaria tree is created when the tree is attacked by a fungus. This can take place by burrowing insects in the wild or intervention by man in a whole manner of ways. The aroma varies on origin of the trees and the grade of wood. We sourced these chips directly from Kalimantan.

To use these chips it’s best to heat on a mica plate or mica sheet over a candle or by use of a Subitism heater.

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