Artisan Mysore Sandalwood Incense Sticks


The highest quality sandalwood sticks available.

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Each stick roughly 0.28g

You will not find a higher quality sandalwood stick elsewhere! Made with only Indian Mysore Sandalwood and the minutest amount of makko powder to hold things together. Makko or (Tabu Noki) is an Asian tree bark Used in high end incense making as a combustible binder and carries little to no scent.

The sandalwood material used to make these sticks comes from old wood (trees of over 100 years) from the Mysore region. Artisans make beads from this precious wood, these sticks are made from the waste material from this processing.

The experience of burning these sticks is very similar to heating Mysore sandalwood chips. The perfect way to test out some of the very best sandalwood available on the planet. The scent is ethereal, holy, grounding, rich and enveloping.

We only have a few sticks on a sample basis and to be honest the minimum order amount required is way to high for us to consider. We don’t honestly know if we will be able to get these in again. Take this chance to experience true sandalwood at its best.


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