2021 Wild Bengal Ruh Khus Brown Vetiver


An aromatic oil, fresh and green!

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A friendly vetiver that everyone should try!

Vetiver is an essential oil distilled from vetiver grass. The aroma varies depending on region and distillation method. This Bengal Ruh Khus is made from wild mature vetiver and distilled in steel.

Steel distillation creates a brown oil, Ruh Khus like this has a ‘hybrid’ nature, kind of like the bastard child of Indian & Haiti. A copper distilled Indian vetiver can be pretty full on for some. This stuff is quite different. Smokey light green forest notes and bright cucumber. Over time the scent will settle to a relaxing perfume like green note. This is a bottle you can keep for years to appreciate the ageing complexity!

Vetiver has always fascinated me. It has some characteristics similar to Oud. It’s long lasting, complex, changes over time on the skin and in the bottle over the years.

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