2023 Spring 👑King Of Duck Shit👑 Dan Cong Oolong


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An absolutely faultless Dan Cong Oolong with light energetic chi!

A rare opportunity to taste the highest grade of Duck Shit Dancong available.  Full description coming. Pingkengtou mother bush. This Spring 2023 batch comes from the original bushes that made Duck Shit famous, reportedly around 80 years old bushes. Expert medium roast, you will notice shades of olive green on the leaf which leaves a nice amount of expression in the frontal flavour and creates a long after taste. Compared to a good standard DS (check out our other listing) this King version is more focused in flavour. The aroma off the rinse is acute sweetness coupled with Dan Cong signature citrus twang. A well balanced bitterness The flavour is a focused, solid expression of sweet Dan Cong grapefruit compote. A beautiful returning sweetness in the cheeks. No mouth pucker,  the soft liquor glides wonderfully down the throat promoting salivation, inviting another sip!

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