2022 Spring Ao Fu Hou Dan Cong Oolong Tea


A very rare offering for Dan Cong enthusiasts!

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A very rare offering from Fenghuang shan in the Phoenix mountain range.

Aroma in the warm gaiwan shows a wonderfully balanced, sweet roast. The tea comes alive on the rinse with a zippy burst of dark leaf Dan Cong citrus. The flavour is honey roast early on with classic Dan Cong citrus twang and a unique floral, Jasmin thing going on. This tea has a very pure nature, medium texture and it glides down the throat effortlessly whilst promoting salivation. All the structural hallmarks of a VERY good tea.

There is a real bite with this tea, acute, sharp bitterness that grows with the infusions, leaving its mark on the pallet creating a comforting citrus aftertaste. This aftertaste does remind me of ‘Wuyi rock taste’…a bit.  They say that it is like licking the rocks or wet stone. If you are fortunate enough to have tried the crazily priced Wuyi rock tea then you will know what I speak of. This ‘rock taste’ can only really be found in certain areas of Wuyi, it’s one of the reasons this area became so famous. To experience the rock taste you would need to layout an easy £100 for a hundred grams. This is conveniently cheaper 😆.

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