2022 Spring ‘Kitty Brew’ Kun Lu Shan Puerh Tea Cake


Great structure and future promise, meow!

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Kunlu mountains from Simao, Yunnan. This is a mixed farm blend 100% Kun Lu material. Mixed leaf 30-60 year old tree.

A very clean tea with expressive notes of sweet peach and berries off the rinse. Immediate thoughts after the rinse and first infusion is ‘aged white tea vibes’. Fruity berries with a comforting underlying sweetness that can return swiftly on the cheeks.  Brewing this tea long will invoke a creeping astringency and energy along side a loooong herbal aftertaste. Chi is more refrained energetic, not harsh energetic! The structure of this tea is SOLID, great mouthfeel and a smooth nature, I know the qualities of this tea will only enhance with age and thus, I have a plan…

This tea really lends itself to ageing, especially careful Guangdong ageing. it’s got a great structure. I originally pressed a case of this tea to be stored in Guangzhou for 3 years with the intention of release afterwards. Ive now decided to release 2 tongs per year only until the 3 year mark and then release the rest. Don’t get me wrong, this tea is a delight right now, it’s just going to improve very well!



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1 Tong (7 cakes), 100g, 10g, 200g Cake, 25g, 50g


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