2014 Autumn YMT Gaoshan Gushu


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‘Yiwu Mountain Tea’ strive for the finest material and  production to create good, honest, 100% Gushu puerh tea cakes. These cakes are processed for ageing, not like many flowery ‘drink now’ productions. The YMT ancestral farm in Gaoshan is famous for their honey like sweetness and kick ass chi! This autumn cake is no exception. Careful storage in Guangdong has created this beautiful oily brown leaf along side a wonderful deep aged note.

Aroma off the rinse is a sweet depth of stone fruit. The broth is deep golden. Deep sweetness in flavour, very much assimilating the rinse aroma. A fair bite of astringency and bitterness still here. Enveloping,  forceful and rushy meditative chi noticeable after the first infusion, Yes, chi seekers will find solace in the tea. Lightweights tread carefully!

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