2021 Spring Modern Processed ‘Drink Now’ Gaoshan Gushu Maocha


Processed to exaggerate the fresh green lively character of Puerh.

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Welcome generation ’NOW’ ! Progression has reached the Puerh world. The vast majority of Pu is processed in a way to encourage ageing potential. This new wave style processing forgoes all ageing potential for full on characteristics to drink right now. Ideally this tea should be drunk within three years of processing. The aroma off the dry leaf is so pungent and bright, it feels like it’s filled with so much life. If you had to make a guess then you would assume this is deep forest borderline tea. The rinse aroma is also good bountiful and fruity.  I know the farm and it’s traditional processing very well and this stuff is very different! Sweet, flavour forward in a bright fruity way and bitter forward as well. Sweetness clings to the pallet along side a gorgeously fruity aftertaste. Chi hits early and is classic meditative Gaoshan Yiwu. A pushy and fantastically forward styled pu for drinking asap!

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