2021 ‘Cream Dream’ Xiaohusai Gushu Ripe Puerh Tea Cake


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100% Spring Gushu Material from Xiaohusai Village Shuangjiang County, Lincang.

If your looking for a Ripe with relaxing chi and exceedingly smooth character then welcome to Cream Dream!

Aroma from the rinse is malty, creamy with a little depth in later sniffs. The velvet texture is the first thing that you’ll notice and is this teas hallmark for sure. The liquor encourages salivation and doesn’t dry your mouth. The flavour is classic Lincang , of course in a posh way! Creamy, without large bass notes but it has depth. The chi is creeping. The feeling is comforting, zen like stoney medative. The tea is pretty infusable. Expect at least 15-20 hits of the gaiwan.

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1 Tong (5 cakes), 100g, 200g Cake, 20g, 50g


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