2018 (V2) Yiwu Early Spring Da Shu Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake


1st picking da Shu from a steeped sloped rocky garden in Yiwu.

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An early spring offering taken from a tea garden in Yiwu with very steep and rocky slopes. Accessing the material in the trees here is fairly challenging! The tea trees are quite young (40-60 years of age).

Opposed to our V1 2018 Early Spring which is now sold out, this V2 was held back in Guangdong since its pressing. Guangdong storage spring 2018- December 2021. What’s different? The leaf is visibly darker. The rinse putts out a deep syrup sweetness aroma. The broth is dark yellow. This V2 is noticeably smoother than V1. Any green elements of flavour has left this cake giving way to sweetness and light peach. The sweetness is long in the finish. There is some depth to this sweet flavour, ever so slight tobacco, the beginnings of aged notes. Sparks of returning sweetness between sips. Astringency and bitterness are subtle but present. Standard brewing measures make for a nice rounded cuppa but feel free to push this tea out for enhanced…everything!

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1 Tong (5 cakes), 100g, 200g Cake, 20g, 50g


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