2013 Longan Wood Roasted Ali Shan Oolong


Buttery and smooth.

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2013 Taiwanese Ali Shan Oolong material, expertly roasted 6 times with Longan wood, the fruit of this tree looks rather like a Lychee but is not the same. Aroma of deep biscuit and raisins. Flavour is deep and buttery with a buttery aftertaste. A very clean roast with no signs of sourness at all. Smooth enough, a bit on the thin side. The faintest bite of metallic astringency. No bitterness to speak of, you can push this tea out no problem and is perfectly suited to western style brewing if that’s your thing. Very infusable. A warming tea perfect for this seasonal weather.

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  1. Lee Milne (verified owner)

    This is an interesting tea, somewhere between Dong Ding and Da Hong Pao. It tastes delicious and is super infusable. Good lubricating mouthfeel and long lasting fruity after taste. My favourite thing about this tea though is the smell in the empty cup; fruit wood/floral and very comforting. Two thumbs up!

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