2015 ‘J.W.X’ Mengsong Puerh Tea Cake


Brutish and apricot flavour forward single estate tea.

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Single estate Mengsong material from a small production brand. A Da Shu / plantation blend…a very good one! Resting in Guangdong 4 years.

Mengsong is pretty close to the Burmese border and Lincang river, it’s material is small leaf cultivar.  A healthy and pungent aroma of apricot and wet stone. A hefty amount of minerality at the front with expansive stone fruit finish and aftertaste. Texture is fairly smooth and the brew a turning orange. Bitterness levels have subsided in the last 4 years of storage but it is still very brutish, very apparent when pushed out. A bubbly tonic like astringency and a nice energetic chi is noticeable. All in all an expressive, flavour forward and uncomplicated Da Shu blend worthy of a sampling!

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