2005 Charcoal Roast Tie Guan Yin Oolong


Deep, sweet and hearty tea that works great in a big teapot or Gong Fu!

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This tea would most likely have been left over fresh stock from 2005 that was roasted 1 year after picking, left for a further 2-3 years until finally being sealed off (final roast) with charcoal for further aging.

Deep, creamy roasted aroma with a touch of raisin off the rinse. The taste is hearty, creamy semi-sweet roast with hints of banana. I notice a long creamy aftertaste and solid returning sweetness.

This tea is very forgiving. You can’t really over brew it. When left to steep for a long period of time it will just get stronger in flavour. Use 100C boiling water.

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