2023 Spring Taiwanese Oriental Beauty (Mrs G loves loves loves this Tea)


Classic, timeless elegance in a cup.

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Everything about this tea screams elegance. the aroma off the dry leaf is intoxicatingly fresh and zippy, sniff that fresh bag!

Is it a Black tea or a White tea? It’s kinda somewhere in between. The dry leaf looks like a white tea, maybe a small leaf Peoney but the aroma of the rinse is a classic Taiwanese black aroma with a little more of a spicy redcurrant punch to it. The taste is however something entirely unique!

Some say that the name oriental beauty was coined back in the days when Taiwan was responsible for a large proportion of tea distribution to the UK. Apparently it was one of Queen Victoria’s favourites!

A light golden broth, very clean! Initial steepings are just beautiful and elegant deep white tea notes with red fruits lingering in the back somewhere. The mouthfeel is smooth and satisfying. Perfect results in a gaiwan or using small leaf amounts in a big teapot will create an aromatic thing of beauty. Recommended temp 90-95c. Classic, timeless elegance right here!

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  1. deborah (verified owner)

    I agree with Mrs G
    Moonlight beauty is the leaf for me
    Brew it up
    And you will be
    Delighted with this
    Fabulous tea
    I Just love the aromatic, mysterious, lingering flavour. Works for me !

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