Old Stock Layte Philippine Agarwood


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Philippine wood can vary in price quite drastically. Most fresh stuff hitting the market isn’t so punchy and is priced accordingly. It’s also very difficult to judge by appearances alone, in fact it can’t be. It comes down to trust. So why is this small chip Leyte so expensive? I currently hold 4 batches of Filipino small chip, of all 4 this one is beast!

Old stock wood, from when jungles were a plenty. Experience a blast of Leyte in all its spicy glory. Strong and spicy, with wisps of sweet fruit.

I personally like to shave this wood with a scalpel and heat the shavings for a quick Oud hit but you can heat whole chunks if you wish.
Best appreciated use On a Subitism heater or on coal with a sheet of mica to lower the heat!


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