Wild East Timor Sandalwood Incense Sticks


Pure, natural, wild East Timor handmade  Sandalwood incense sticks.

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  • 17-18 large sticks per 10g tube
  • Burn time around 45 mins

We have been so lucky to be able to source these old stock wild East Timor sandalwood incense sticks. Indian Mysore is amazing but I hold a torch for this stuff! Larger styled Japanese incense sticks.

Made entirely of Kupang area wild East Timor sandalwood, trees most likely over 100 years of age and just a touch of makko powder to help the burn and bind of the sticks. Extruded by an artisan incense maker. I do believe these are the highest grade East Timor sticks Available. You can’t find any better on the internet! The aroma is strong, beautiful and captures the East Timor scent perfectly. Great for deep meditation, a special tea moment or to appreciate with friends.

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1/2 stick sample, 10g, 2 sticks


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