2009 Vintage Wild Ruh Khus Indian Vetiver


An aromatic oil, fresh and green!

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What has happened to this oil while sitting in camel skin bottles for 13 years? Time has rounded off the sharp intensity along side any rough unwanted earthy notes. It’s still earthy , green and vegetal fresh but in a more mature form. Think teenage angst death metal moving to a more mellow Dire Straights. This oil lets you arrive at the beautiful minty alpine fresh dry down a lot quicker than fresh Khus. The dry down moves from minty alpine on to more woody, mocha cocoa. Sourced in India, old stock from a now dissolved oil business 😥, their loss is our reward!

Vetiver has always fascinated me. It has some characteristics similar to Oud. It’s long lasting, complex, changes over time on the skin and in the bottle over the years. Wild Indian vetiver, for me, is where it’s at.

Vetiver is an essential oil distilled from vetiver grass. The aroma varies depending on region and distillation method. Indian Ruh Khus is made from wild vetiver and distilled in copper. This is the most ‘full on’ variant of vetiver.


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