2022 Mizoram Oud


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    • 100% Wild Mizoram Oud
  • 0% barn. Quick soak processing

Mizoram forest is located on the far East tip of india, below Manipur and bordering Bangladesh. Oud from this region is a rarity as the government banned collection of agarwood back in 2004. The distiller (that has been in operation since the 1990’s) said that he last distilled Mizoram in 2009.

January 2022 distillation. Here is a New gen style (no barn) example of this region that we may possibly never see again. A super clean honey sweet Hindi with a glorious and clear dry down of heated Hindi incense grade chips! What a delight!

Many Ouds will have the agarwood material left soaking before distillation. This process will add strength and longevity to the oil alongside a very noticeable change in character. Leather, barnyard and in extreme cases blue cheese. The longer the  soaking the more pronounced these changes will be. The style of this oil forgoes these deeper notes for a more bright, pure, sweet, brilliant and pronounced mid-base note. Perfect oil for those that seek the pure and clean scent of oud.

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