Harrabi Nigerian Boswellia Dalzilii


Minty lemon scent.

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Can be heated for aroma or chewed as gum.

Aroma of lemon and mint. You will notice a broadly golden yellow complexion with some greener tears.

Boswellia dalzielli AKA Janawhi frankincense. Typically harvested in Burkina Faso, but you can also find it in Senegal, Kamerun and Nigeria. This batch is from Nigeria and can be chewed as a gum, lots of essential oils and Boswelic acids in this resin. The appereance strongly depends on the individual harvest. in general its not sorted or filtered so it is common that you can find smaller grains along side larger golden pieces / Bark mixed together. This batch is a mixture of large and smaller tears but no tree bark! The bark itself is useful actually. The indiginous people are treating Infections /arthritis with this frankincense, it has fiver-dampening effects.

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