Indonesian Sandalwood Bead Mala 108


Special sandalwood beads with an exquisite scent!

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•Genuine high quality sandalwood

•108 beads

•9mm beads

•Total length: 80cm / 32 inches

East Timor in Indonesia is home to some very expressive sandalwood trees. Most trees are felled at only 8-14 years. The trees that these Mala beads came from are of at least 20 years of age, the older the more potent aroma! These beads smell exquisite! Can be used for spiritual practice or used as a necklace. Genuine sandalwood trees of the genus Santalum. We sourced these Mala beads in Bali Indonesia. Please do not confuse these with lower grade sandalwood or sandalwood impersonations! These are high grade, high aroma beads that will emit a strong scent for many many years!



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