East Timor Indonesian Sandalwood Chips


Rich, yummy sandalwood cut into session ready pieces.

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We personally sourced a large quantity of East Timor sandalwood billets (large chunks) from Indonesia in 2019. We worked on them to create these smaller (session sized) pieces. These chips are the perfect size to heat up at home! You will receive a mixture of small pieces weighing anywhere between 0.1 – 1g each.

20-25 year old sandalwood tree material from East Timor, Indonesia 🇮🇩. Many sandalwood tees are felled early, 12 years old or less. The older the tree, the better the scent!

Sandalwood is indigenous to many Asian & African countries and also grown in Australia, Hawaii. Mysore sandalwood from India being the most expensive and most famous.  It’s oil is widely used in perfumery and the wood can be burned for its scent.

The aroma is beautiful: The soft scent of sandalwood is zesty, rich and soft, it’s  wonderful but this is a delicate wood. It’s best to warm the wood to release the oil. Burning the wood will mask the scent of the oil with wood smoke. See below 👇👇

How to use? High heat doesn’t bring out the best for this wood. Use on an ashy coal (please wait for coal to form white ash, or even wait longer for lower heat!) And preferably a mica plate. The best results with this wood is to use an electric heater (for incense burning) at low heat or use a candle and mica plate. Please see video 👇👇👇

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