Wild Hainan Island Rosewood Incense Sticks


A pure wood note with subtle complexities.


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  • Hand made incense sticks
  • 100% Hainan island rosewood
  • Average 25 sticks per tube
  • Burn time 30 mins

Hainan island is super famous for fragrant wood, many Agarwood trees can still be found wild in its jungles. Rosewood is another fragrant wood used primarily for high end furniture in the later dynasties of China’s past and today.  This incense is made entirely of reclaimed carving waste from the making of this furniture. Only deep forest old growth rosewood heartwood is used. To extrude these sticks by hand and to this quality takes an enormous amount of skill.

The aroma as I can describe it is a pure wood note with subtle complexities. The wood itself carries its own unique note for sure. A scent that changes. The longer your around this scent the more you discover and learn from it!

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1/2 stick sample, 10g pack of sticks


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