Wild Hainan Agarwood Incense Sticks


Complex and creamy agarwood scent

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Wild West Hainan Island Agarwood with a pinch of makko.

A delicate and layered sweet and creamy scent!

Wild sticks at this price point…yup! You may have tried the aromabomb that is the cultivated Hainan kinam chips…please don’t expect this here. As astonishingly strong and sweet those chips are, they’re also quite one dimensional in aroma. These sticks have a wonderfully multifaceted powdery sweet and indulgently creamy scent. The luxurious complexity of creamy agarwood is just sublime. Very thin sticks that go a long way. All sticks supplied in a sturdy tube.

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1.5 grams, 10g pack of sticks, 5g


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