Mysore Sandalwood Chips


Genuine Mysore, the most sought after sandalwood on the planet!

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You will receive perfectly thin sliced cuts ready for your appreciation!

The most sought after and most expensive sandalwood that is a struggle to find and is rarely available. India heavily restricts the sale of Mysore and competition is high between scent houses to acquire for their needs. The scent is deep, alluring, ethereal and rich. The smoke is more like vapour. It’s quite a mystic scent and you can see why this wood is so prized.

The growth and sale of Mysore is heavily Regulated by the Indian government. All stock is sold at auction annually. This ‘red meat’ is an indication that this wood came from a very old tree, likely over 100 years. The older the tree the better the scent. As the wood ages the scent may recede but the aroma will get more complex over time, just like certain teas! We don’t truly know how old this log is but you will really struggle to find much better.
Sandalwood Needs a low heat in order to release the best aroma. To achieve this it’s preferable to use a Subitism heater. You can also use a mica plate hovering over a candle or use with a mica plate over a charcoal. Make sure the charcoal has had time to cool down and there is a nice amount of white ash.

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