A Grade Cultivated Hainan Kinam


An amazing scent!

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Hainan cultivated kinam. Made from old cultivated trees in Hainan. The amount of oil and resin in these chips is quite disgusting. At room temperature these chips are singing. Hold a chip up to your nose and you will smell oud oil. The texture is waxy and of course the aroma is potent and, strangely complex vanilla jungle green. This saturated wood lasts for so long. I’ve never seen Longevity like this! Only a few tiny slivers will produce smoke for 15-20 minutes and continue to kick out punchy aroma for ages. This is cultivated wood so it’s not expensive. Simply put ‘A must try!’.

I personally like to shave this wood with a scalpel and heat the shavings for a quick Oud hit but you can heat whole chunks if you wish.
Best appreciated use On a Subitism heater or on coal with a sheet of mica to lower the heat!

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