‘Sumba Extreme’ Vintage Sandalwood Oil


An aromatic oil, light, elegant and woody.

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You should expect a vintage / high grade sandalwood oil to be strong and showy, that’s a given. This is, by orders of magnitude…the most EXTREME sandalwood I have ever got my hands on. let me tell you that the ferocious intensity of this Sumba is just…off the chart!

This unique and exclusive oil is only made with wild old growth red and black meat Sumba sandalwood. Artisanal semi vacuum distillation. Dark and contemplative vibes from this oil. It’s oudy, not sweet oudy but dark, deep and serious. similar in personality to the 2005 Kalimantan we have in. Striking woody incense notes with old oak barrels, complex spicy camphor, nutmeg, pecan and traditional Nepalese incense. It’s just so strong! Great to wear neat of course but I can also see some incredible compositions or macerations being made with this oil.

Botanical Name: Santalum Album
Origin: Sumba island Indonesia
Extraction Method: Semi Vacuum Distillation
Note: Base

This oil is deep, rich, creamy and woody. a subtle base note oil that can be worn neat, used for musk, amber macerations or used as the foundation of attars and perfumes.

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