2024 Sultan Grade Hojari Frankincense


Super sized,  super green, super eucalyptus!

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Super rare hojari
Green – Blue hue
Strongest eucalyptus aroma

Very rarely do I get to see Sultan grade. My supplier gets in touch roughly once per year to offer me some. This is the first time in many years we have publicly sold it. We have only 1kg available. Sultan is the best of the best. True sultan grade will have a light blue hue.

We source all our frankincense direct from Oman. Hand harvested, this resin has been tapped from Boswellia Sacra trees in the Dhofar region of Oman. Used for millennia its prized for its ‘scent from the gods’ and health properties when chewed or brewed as a tea!

Burned as incense:

Add an extra touch to your tea time! The fragrance is similar to lime/eucolyptus and truly is fantastic. Frankincense can be burned on coal (only add the resin when the coal is white to aviod burning), or warmed on an oil warmer.  It is up to the person how much you wish to burn in one sitting. I personally use very little (1g) and find this is enough to fill a living room with an amazing scent that lingers for hours.

Chewed or brewed:

This Sultan grade Frankincense is classed as ‘Medical Grade‘ which means it is high enough grading for ingestion for health purposes. In fact, Green hojari is the top grade used for medical purposes including alternative cancer treatment. A whole manner of health properties are associated with this resin but I am not willing to advocate any of them! Chew as a gum (please do not swallow) and you may notice a stimulating feeling of alertness and heightened concentration. Muslims chew Royal Green Hojari while reading the Koran.

Hojari can also be brewed as a tea. Simply plonk a chunk in a mug and add hot water, you can keep adding water until the chunk has been fully dissolved.

The most popular way to ingest green hojari for cancer patients is to take one piece of green hojari, put in 1 glass water and leave it over night. Drink half of the glass in the morning with an empty stomach and the remaining half later in the day with a gap of a few hours. For more info on using our frankincense for medical use please read our blog 👇👇👇

Using Hojari Frankincense For Medical Use

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