2023 Yancha ‘Eagles Beak’ Ying Zui Yan Rougui


Brother to our ‘2020 Un Roasted DHP’ exceptionally smooth and potent aroma!

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Genuine Yancha from Zhèngyán

Ying Zui Yan is one of the famous areas for Rougui tea inside Zhèngyán area in the heart of the Wuyi mountains. It’s also part of the government designated ‘World Heritage Preserve. All tea cultivated inside this area is organic.

Wonderful sweet roast aroma in the hot gaiwan and off the rinse. The broth remains balanced throughout all infusions. The roast is here, coupled with some returning sweetness. The mouthfeel is bouncy, smooth and glides down the throat effortlessly. A rushing and energising chi should also be noticed (chi is v subjective). More interestingly than this is the ‘Rock Taste’.

Especially noticed on the first few infusions. At this price point the Rock taste is minimal, but it’s here. This taste is effectively a returning mineral bitterness between the cheeks, imagine licking a rock, a hallmark signature of this tea growing area.

I recommend infusions of at least 10 seconds and up. Squeezing your session into 4 or 5 very impactful infusions to get the most out of this wonderful tea.

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