2021 ‘Tidal Shift’ Spring Gong Nong Raw Puerh Tea Cake


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Change, the Guru doesn’t like change but he remembers the words from the philosophers of old “The world is in a constant state of flux.” Ignore this at your peril for change is inevitable and with it comes the gargantuan Tidal Shift.

Get drenched in the ‘Umami Tsunami’

You know what I like about Lincang? Fantastic value! This cake brings hard hitting chi, flavour and sweetness at a modest price point! Gong Nong village is in Mengku area but tasting it you would never have guessed, it’s quite different.

This cake is 100% Gong Nong area mixed pick material (young and old arbor tree). Very expressive deep green touching umami aroma with light hints of sweetness and exotic fruit off the rinse. The flavour shows much more sweetness than its aroma suggests. Taste has a vegetal foundation with sweet and fruity characteristics. Later on the frontal flavours may wain but the cup remains sweet and powerful. I found returning sweetness very noticeable between infusions. Others notice a citrus like flavour and aroma. Astringency is slightly tonic, bubbly. When pushed this tea putts out a satisfying bold bitterness and a lasting astringency that will leave its mark on the pallet, tread carefully. Mouthfeel is fair to smooth. The broth is a bright light gold and very clean. The creeping chi is energetic and can hit hard early on. All in, a powerful tea with strong sweet traits.

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1 Tong (5 cakes), 200g Cake, 20g, 50g, 100g


  1. martin (verified owner)

    Nice and spicy beginnings, plus veggie broth and umami. And I’d describe the finish a bit like hugging a lemon tree…

    The starchy, salty, umami emphasis reminds me of eating a portion of freshly cooked chips at the seaside. Later steeps get deep and grassy as if I was walking through wild fields. In essence, I thought I’d gone on a couple of holidays with my cuppa!

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