2021 Spring Osmanthus Charcoal Roasted Dong Ding Oolong


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Traditionally a charcoal roast is used to Reinvigorate old tea that never sold. The charcoal roast will completely change the character of the tea and also seal it for no waning of flavour in the future. In this case fresh Spring 2021 Dong Ding material was expertly and elegantly roasted with wood , charcoal and osmanthus flowers. The result is a deep roasted oolong without any overbearing charcoal notes and a discreet warming buttery sweetness.

Dry leaf in warm gaiwan the aroma is toasty, roasty and malty sweet. The rinse aroma is deep sweet charcoal roast. The taste is complex deep roasted notes with buttery sweetness.

Being a charcoal roasted oolong you can expect this tea to have an indefinite shelf life resting at low humid climates such as U.K. This tea is extremely infusable and very forgiving when brewing.

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