2021 ‘Forsaken’ Deep Forest Guoyoulin Old Tree Puerh Tea Cake


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From the same protected forest as our ‘3 Trees’ cake. Guoyoulin Is a protected forest area in Yiwu with tea picking allowed only twice a year by villagers that used to live in the now protected area. The profile of this area, although highly regarded and prominent is not typically Yiwu. Lost to time and nature,  the Forsaken region of Yiwu.

Late 2021 tasting: The Rinse aroma is a powerful, deep vegetal green with hints of tobacco and a low vail of sweetness. Light tonic like astringency, the liquor is very clear and clean. Drinking encourages salivation. The untamed profile of wild pu can sometimes be hard to transmit, I will try. Light herbal and savoury notes with herbal aftertaste.  Sweetness comes in a little later but is way in the back. A velvet creamy finish that wraps the palette, enticingly creamy in fact! Of course the mouthfeel is elegantly smooth. The chi is creeping and is forcefully meditative. The chi hits harder than many Gushu I’ve tried, harking from the trees unsullied management. All in this is a tea that is very accomplished for this price point. 

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1 Tong (5 cakes), 100g, 200g Cake, 20g, 50g


  1. martin (verified owner)

    Rich and juicy, providing brown sugar sweetness that fills the mouth. Deeper notes of fruit and undergrowth help to give a grounding quality to the tea. The deep notes come to the front after a few infusions, bringing with it a selection of herbaceous delights. A floating minerality also persists in the liquor.

    Pay close attention to this one and it’ll reward you with its treasures.

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