2012 Bulang Gushu Puerh 250g Tuo


Bulang Gushu material inappropriately pressed into a Tuo!

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New in, limited supply!

Sourced from a collection that has been liquidated. Resting in Menghai then Guangdong. Why oh why Gu Shu material was pressed into a large tuo I’ll never know but it has been and…it’s good! You would be forgiven to be skeptical and I was…I needed to taste it. Chi doesn’t lie and this Tuo is packed with it. There lies Gushu within 👍.

Slight storage aroma, sweet ripe fruits. Broth is a clear copper. Strikingly smooth from the first sip. An interesting aftertaste from the 1st infusion. The tea carries a powerful nature to it, not in a bad way. Astringency is fairly low with bitterness tamed but pleasing enough to keep the party going 🥳. Maybe herbal, citrus notes can be tasted. Chi building from steep two. More menthol and earth as frontal flavours. The aftertaste is very long lasting and the chi is fairly strong and relaxing 😌. This tea will carry on for many steeps.

We have secured full tuo’s but We weren’t able to get many. More than likely these will be gone next time we attempt to source more.

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20g, 250g


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