2010 Yuan Yuan Tang Manla (TianMenShan)


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‘Yuan Yuan Tang’ is a well established Taiwanese label. This cake has been resting since it’s inception in Taiwan till 2022. YYT presents this as 100% Yiwu, Manla or more well known as Tian Men Shan area material.

Taiwan benefits from semi humid conditions which creates a nice all round environment for resting cakes. This tea not only represents a true bargain as material from this area today commands higher prices per gram than this aged cake, but I am very impressed with the overall thick and weighty structure, mouthfeel and smooth nature of this tea at this price point. Only this 1 tong available in the western world that I can see!

Aroma of the rinse, slight mushroom leading in to syrup sweetness. Smooth and salivating, generally quite an impressive structure over all. Slight earth and general regulated aged nuances. The thing that stands out about this tea I believe is it’s wonderful, smooth, thick structure, especially earlier on. Chi is minimal but calming.

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