2022 Assam Oud


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    • 100% Wild Assam Oud
  • 0% barn. No soak processing

100% Wild Assam Oud
Small scale distillation from Assam
0% barn. No soak processing

Small scale artisan distillation in early 2022. 12ml of this oil only and then it’s gone forever. Freshly made, cured and now ready for release. This Assam is sharp on application, similar to our Jayapura. Depth is shown with layered sweetness and fruit with slight calf leather. There is a minty aspect poking through. The aroma rests into a creamy long incense on the dry down. There is a depth hidden with in this oil that time will slowly unveil.

Assam is in the very North Eastern tip of India and lays between Bhutan, Manipur and Nagaland.

Many Ouds will have the agarwood material left soaking before distillation. This process will add strength and longevity to the oil alongside a very noticeable change in character. Leather, barnyard and in extreme cases blue cheese. The longer the  soaking the more pronounced these changes will be. The style of this oil forgoes these  deeper notes for a more bright, pure, sweet, brilliant and pronounced mid-base note. Perfect oil for those that seek the pure and clean scent of oud.

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