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Take a walk on the wild side!

Take a walk on the wild side

Do you wanna try A properly wild tea? I’m not talking about an unmanaged old tea garden, i’m talking days of trek into deep jungle. The sort of place that If you were to fall ill of some mysterious jungle illness or perhaps be nibbled by a tiger, you would be in big trouble! 

Our 2020 ‘ExotiK’ Laos Gushu raw Puerh tea & our 2018 ‘Puerh?’ cakes fits that bill! 

If you’re not new to our tea you will Probably have gauged that we have strong ties with Yiwu in Yunnan. Yiwu Literally kisses the border to Laos, with only jungle between them. Our Guru 2018 ‘Puerh?’ Da Shu Is wild old tree material taken from the border land jungle area between China and Laos. The area that this deep jungle tea garden is situated in will take and overnight visits to get to. Tigers are actually a thing in the Laos jungle, you better watch out! Truly wild sea of this nature really comes out in the cup, I like to say you could taste the jungle! The tea feels untamed and in this case very expressive, Laos terroir, It’s typically quite sweet, complex with exotic fruit notes. let’s now move on to something a little bit more special….

2020 ‘ExotiK’ Gushu. Our guys from Yiwu in turn have strong ties with farmers in Laos. I say farmers In the loosest sense of the word. These guys have the knowledge of the whereabouts of very old trees hidden deep in the Laos jungle which isn’t accessible to anybody else as they are the only ones that know where they are! This natural tea garden Is days trek in and out. In the picture you will see one of the Laos farmers climbing to get at the tea leaves on this old tree. 

Think of ‘ExotiK’ as our ‘Puerh?’ on steroids. Everything is just more! More fruity, more complexity and more chi. The great thing about Laos tea is that it is not strictly a Puerh. You can only call Yunnan tea Puerh, Not that the Tea trees know any different. I do love lost tea for its complexity and overt fruity character. As it’s not strictly a Pu you can still buy this stuff at a good bang per buck rate In comparison to its quality. However speculation in Laos tea has been ever-growing especially in the last five years as Yunnan tea has been exploding in price so dramatically during this time. This in turn has been pushing up the prices of Laos tea. It’s no secret that Laos tea has been making its way across the borders into China to be blended into cakes there for some time by unscrupulous producers. But in the last few years more and more people are discovering that Laos tea is an amazing treat on its own and has some incredible characteristics that the world should taste! 

Take the plunge and grab a sample of the two cakes we have in right now. Kind thanks for taking the time to read my blog!