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Guru cakes: What’s in store?

A sneaky peek in to what we’ve got coming in shortly! The design in the picture will be used for an upcoming cake, but I won’t tell you which one it will allocated for and the back story to describe the wrapper just yet! I hope you like it.

During lockdown I tasted two exquisite samples that I just had to get in. Be warned though, the price of these two offerings will mirror that of our ‘Rawgasm’ Bing Dao, so fairly expensive I’m afraid! But fairly expensive for good reasons. 

Triple tree:

The first is a tea made entirely from single estate Yiwu, the material of the three very oldest Gushu trees of the estate. I really don’t like to mention how old the average trees are in our cakes if it’s a Gushu. It’s so easy to slap a number down, People not in the know will just assume you’re being truthful and evaluate how good your tea is based on how high the number is! Some times it’s just best to let the tea do the talking! All I will say is that the trees used to make this tea is of multiple hundreds of years old, that’s all I’m saying. If you followed my blogs and blogs before your know that I don’t have much love for Singletree offerings and I still hold to that. This is me bending the rules a little bit. The thing is this tea was just too good to not have, I do feel a little guilty for spoiling the rest of this Estates Gushu LOL.

15 Region Yiwu Gushu:
The next offering is of a one off 2015 batch of Yiwu Gushu. A blend of 15 very prominent areas all thrown in together. It’s a very powerful tea in flavour and energy. I don’t actually have a name for this one yet but I can tell you it’s something special. Both these offerings should be on site before the end of this year or worst-case January 2021.

Guru Ripe Cakes:

For all you Ripe lovers out there. You’ve probably noticed that I don’t have a single Guru ripe cake and for this I do apologise. It has been an ambition of mine to source and label up a couple of Guru ripe cakes. The first will be a very pleasant, honest daily drinker of Menghai origin. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, I have the wrapper art ready for it as well, I just need the right tea to come along, hopefully won’t be too long. The second will be a single estate Da Shu or wild ripe. I have these teas in mind and have done for a very long time, I will make a real push to make this reality for early 2021. Thanks for holding in there guys! 

Oni’s legacy:

The Wrapper here is of ‘Oni’ the most legendary of Japanese demonology. Invincible and all powerful! I’m looking for a tea that is an absolute kick in the face. The wrapper is reserved for most likely a Bulang Da Shu that I have not sourced yet! We are still working on this one.

I’m very sorry for those who are trying to post replies to my blog. I would very much love to receive them but I am getting inundated with Russian spy bots! We have a precious window of around two weeks before the Russian spy bots discover my new posts LOL! So when I see they discover the post I will need to close the comments unfortunately!

Cheers for reading guys, happy cupping!


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  1. Hi Oil! Interesting read – please let me know when these teas are in the shop! Best wishes!

    1. Hey, thanks for commenting. The best place to learn of new offerings on the site will be our Facebook page and Instagram channel!

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