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Some advise for a new tea drinker

So I got an email today from a tea newbie after some advice, I get these kind of emails quite regularly and I thought I would share this one with you!

Good afternoon – I am just starting into oolong teas for health benefits for myself and my husband – we have just quickly tried one furmosa oriental – teabags – from a company called dragon fly tea – only because we could get it locally and had good reviews – it was okay and drinkable. I  do apricates that this may not be the best quality but it was just a start to see if we would like oolong tea (coffee drinkers normally myself and my husband would have  milk and sugar in his tea) so you can see this will be quite a change for us both – I have a stomach disease so find some food types can make me sick and I have thyroid disorder – my husband is looking for metabolism boost, heart, and memory support, skin and little weight lose lol – not asking much are we   – I have looked at so many site and it has just got all confusing as so many teas and everyone is saying different notes and properties for the same type of tea leaf – I am now only looking at sites that actually give some descriptions – we are looking for a good strong tea stimulating rather than relaxing –  but not floral as that is sickly to us both – good with sweet and fruity nutty,  caramel etc – I realise there are so many types and they all do different things/benefits – also can vary in price – we don’t really want to dive into very expensive one at the moment until we can find ones we enjoy and notice benefits from – in time I know cost will not matter it will be the quality as I have found that with my coffees and wines lol – so thank you in advance for any help and advice and understanding of enquiry cheers.

My response:


Thanks for getting in touch. I think, if health is your main priority for drinking tea (over flavour) you should try GABA:

It has a whole host of health properties associated with it, do some research online and you’ll see. My gaba is a particularly tasty one I think. Also Ripe Pu Erh has beneficial effects for the digestive system and has natural lova statins, anything from Menghai Tea Factory is a great start.

A strong stimulating tea? I would have to push you towards Raw Pu Erh! These teas will give you a kick for sure!

All the teas I’ve mentioned can be found in the store at a reasonable price range, the only way to figure out exactly what you like is to sample lots of teas! You may find one of my giawans handy, especially with those Raw Pu Erhs!

Let me know how you get on & im always here if you have any questions!

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