Spring 2022 Rougui Yancha Oolong


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We wheeled this tea out for its debut at this summers London tea fest. I’ll never forget the oooo’s and aaahhh’s that swept across the tea table as the rinse aroma reached their noses. This is a great tea! Not just in aroma. Some fujian roasted teas give all promise with amazing aroma only to disappoint when you reach for the cup.

A layered roasty aroma off the rinse with creamy super smooth broth that glides down the throat a treat. No mouth pucker. Punchy tannic mineral roastyness at the front that lingers for an age on the pallet afterwards.

This tea CAN do 6+ modest infusions but I truly believe you should concentrate on 3 exceptional, memorable infusions. You need to use a small gaiwan with lots of leaf, super hot water and equipment for 3 good long infusions to get the best out of Rougui and other Yancha. Go big or go home with this 1 👍.

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