2023 Spring Gushu Guoyoulin Black Tea


Yiwu Gushu material. rich flavour of stewed fruits and honey.

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We were lucky to source 400g of this super exclusive deep forest Black. Guoyoulin is a protected forest area in Yiwu that only allows a small amount of material to be harvested each year by local farmers.  All the trees in Guoyoulin are effectively growing wild.

You can sense strength from the aroma off the rinse.  It’s deep with sweetness poking through. Initial impressions from the 1st steep is the delightful structure and bouncy mouthfeel. The tea at this stage is of course restrained but refined and pure tasting.  With Infusion 2 onwards the power of this tea shines through. This is a robust black with solid astringency, returning sweetness, some light peachy fruit notes and a stonking amount of chi. Guoyoulin chi is much more energetic and pushy compared to most others in Yiwu that are calming and meditative.

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