2019 Autumn YMT Cha Wang Gushu Puerh Tea Cake


Deep and sweet with sleepy chi.

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100% Yiwu single estate Gushu material, would you expect anything less from Yiwu Mountain Tea?

Cha Wang or ‘Tea King’ is an area very close to Guafeng Zhai near the Laos border in Yiwu. This famous little village has some old trees to be proud of! An astounding amount of forcefully relaxing chi. This tea will most likely knock back even the most seasoned of Pu veterans! This tea will last 20-40 infusions.

Aroma off the rinse is a sweet nectar/ peach, quite pungent. You may notice returning sweetness from the first sip and a complex deep peach aftertaste (Hui Gan) which is long lasting. Astringency is slight and has a bubbly nature. The broth is a clear, clean light gold in 2021. The texture is smooth, in line with the Spring Cha Wang we stock. The chi is quite delayed in its reaction. I got to infusion 6 solo brewing before it hit. It’s hits nice but not as hard as the Spring. The chi here is similar to our Gua Feng Zhai, considering that geographically Cha Wang is so close this would make sense. Chi of a forceful sleepy nature.

For sure this Autumn CW is more sweet and deep where as the Spring CW definitely has more force/brutality and a lively Spritefull nature, oh and a knockout chi 😉.

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