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Agarwood Tea


Agarwood Tea

Agarwood tea, this is not camellia sinensis (tea as we know it) The dry leaf looks pretty dodgy, Mrs G said ‘’Are you sure that’s not …’’ 😆. But no, this stuff is 💯% legal I assure you! Agarwood leaf tea is drunk to relax your body and comes with a host of reported health benefits. Agarwood trees are traditionally harvested for an incredibly expensive incense (we sell this too!).

The leafs of the trees can also be used as a tea…I’ve only had 1 sitting but I can say that I had a very deep sleep 2 hours after drinking. The taste ‘if brewed Gong Fu is kinda …fine. It’s light, slightly mushroom like flavour is a little strong at first and becomes mildly aromatic in later steeps. To be truthful it really is quite easy to drink and actually has an impressive smooth texture. The leaf likes to push out quite early and will last around 10 infusions. Very mild bitterness is noticeable if pushed out. One clump of leaf is all you need, around 5g I would say. I’m in discussions with a trader in Vietnam right now. This stuff is really quite rare to find out here in the West but alongside loose leaf it is possible to source chopped leaf and Agarwood tea bags! (Not our thing really ☺️. expect this stuff to hit the virtual shelves in the next month or two….at (as always) a great price point 😉.

edit: Parcel incoming, will be on site by May 2020!

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