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Just as we thought we were out of the woods!

Tea lovers may have noticed that our regular spring offerings haven’t materialised in the store yet and there is a pretty good excuse. By now we would ordinarily have had our 2021 spring green tea, black tea and fujian / Taiwanese oolong teas up on the shelves. We source all of our tea’s through contacts in Guangdong but as this week I have heard that Guangzhou (the largest city in Guangdong) has been placed into a heavy lockdown 😥. My guys can’t get near their place of work or organise shipments to me. No one truly knows how long this will last for but people are hoping it will only be a couple of weeks, we’ll just need to see. Follow us on Facebook & insta where you will be the first to hear about any updates! Some happy news tho, orders have been placed and wrapper designs ordered at printers for three new Puerh cakes that we’re Excited to release!

357g 2015 Bulang Gushu Ripe cake

We sourced these excellent Ripe cakes earlier this year. Bulang ripe has a beefy bold and deep flavour profile, I’ve wanted one in for ages, this will not disappoint!

200g 2020 spring Classic Bulang Raw cake

One for the masochists! Raw Bulang (if you haven’t had it before) can be a bruiser, strong and shouty. Expect nothing less here. This is a mixed pick, typically of trees from 30-80 years of age. 

200g 2021 Nan Nuo Gushu Raw cake

Savoury vegetal Menghai Gushu with a more aggressive nature compared to the Yiwu raw Puerh we specialise in.  Good Gushu, honestly priced 👍

With a fair wind these offerings & the 2021 spring tea should be online by the end of June early July, fingers crossed 🤞.


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