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The Mystery Of Chi

What is chi and the enhancement of chi with age

Chi or Qi the energy that one may feel when drinking higher quality Puerh tea or oolong tea. Chi can come about quite forcefully sometimes, it’s hard to establish exactly where it comes from and why chi exists? Chi (as we analyse it in the West) probably comes about from the abundance of L-theanine that is naturally occurring in tea. L-theanine is an amino acid that is also used to treat anxiety disorders and will generally relax you! I’m the Far East some people would guess that chi comes from the tea tree or maybe the rocks and soil that surround the tree. Maybe the energy comes from the earth as a whole or the water, it’s all hard to say! We do know that the older the tree, the stronger the chi. The experience of chi itself is extremely subjective, differ t people react in different ways. I conducted a poll a few years ago and found out that 85% of people actually feel not effects at all! How unlucky for some 😥

Did you know that the chi in your tea cakes enhances and gets stronger over time?

Strange isn’t it! I’ve had some recent sessions of older factory cakes that have surprised me. Perhaps I am becoming more in tune with the tasting and feelings of the tea during my sessions. My 9 year old 2011 Dayi factory 7543 is pretty much compiled of plantation /terrace tea, bushes of 20 years or that around. You shouldn’t really be able to feel any chi from bushes like these but wait a few years and you just might! The chi was very light, but it was there.

As I write I am curled up on the sofa picking up the pieces after 7 steps of the 2004 Yushisanhe ‘Lao Shu Cha’ Yiwu Puerh Tea Cake. See back in 2004 it was quite normal to throw in all the farm had to offer into a cake, minus the Huang Pian usually! This cake has a higher than normal ratio of old tree material, mostly da Shu I would say. The chi however is forceful. Spring tea for sure, spring chi rises and falls slowly where as autumn chi hits you sharply. The chi is mediative (classical Yiwu chi), and strong. Noticeably stronger than if this material were to be 0-5 years old. Why this happens? I can’t say. I’m guessing the flora and microbes that are slowly fermenting the leaves while we wait patiently are creating this chi as a side effect. Arrr, the mystery!

Cheers for reading guy’s! Happy cupping to one and all!

The Mystery Of Chi

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